15 October 2020 / MudRunner Mobile

MudRunner Mobile unleashes American Wilds DLC with its two new American maps, missions and vehicles!

MudRunner, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s ultimate mobile off-road experience for iOS and Android has new content today! With its trademark physics engine and challenging missions, MudRunner fans and newcomers alike can enjoy the realistic, immersive off-roading that already made its predecessors a hit on PC and consoles. Check out the new screenshots from the American Wilds DLC, to discover two new American maps featuring a new gameplay feature, new challenge maps, and two new vehicles, available now!

Two new American maps, new missions, vehicles and addons

Mount Logmore and Grizzly Creek are two Scavenge maps. With all the major facilities located around the tarmac perimeter, players will need to explore carefully as they search for logs scattered around the map. The two new challenge maps, Crane Operator II and Freight-Ex, will also be added to the game to test your skills with the new vehicles.

Two new vehicles will help players tackle the new maps. The K-9000 Forwarder is a powerful 8x8 truck with great fuel efficiency. The other, the K-8400 Skidder, which functions as a top-of-the-line off-road and rescue vehicle, with a powerful front-blade that can push through difficult terrain. Both vehicles come with their own specialized addons, and the update includes a set of brand new trailers as well! 

American Wilds DLC is available now in the in-game shop. MudRunner is already available on iOS and Android-compatible devices.

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