23 February 2023 / Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator: Interior designer Noz Nozawa embraces the game’s endless possibilities. Witness her magic touch in a new video!

Hotel Renovator, the simulation game where you design the hotel of your dreams, is about to open its doors—to an interior that screams “renovate me ASAP”. Well, that’s two weeks from now, as your virtual home design career launches March 7. Meanwhile, watch San Francisco-based interior designer Noz Nozawa’s artful take on the makeover fun!

Run-down hotel meets creative vision

In Hotel Renovator, the Story Mode takes you on a challenging journey to make a successful business and a treasured destination out of the sad-looking hotel. You inherited this place from your missing grandfather, and you get to learn about the mysteries of his past while progressing in the game!

For a completely carefree experience, the Sandbox Mode lets you unleash your creative instincts fully, just as Noz Nozawa does in today’s video. Join her as she discovers the endless possibilities the game has to offer, reacting, sharing tips, and finding herself nicely spoilt for choice with over 2000+ items, from wall and floor panels to decoration and furniture. A wealth of options that does not compromise on patterns and colors, each piece coming in many variations, much to Nozawa’s liking as she explores how to express her vibrant style best.

Hotel Renovator will let the creativity run even wilder by offering mod support post-launch, so get ready to create and share unique content, lending and drawing inspiration from a community of like minded renovators!

Hotel Renovator releases March 7 on PC and later this year on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-order the game now on Steam and Epic Games Store to get the Palace Furniture Set DLC.

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