16 March 2023 / Void Crew

Focus and Hutlihut announce Void Crew, a coop space adventure, set for 2023

Focus Entertainment is thrilled to announce a new partnership with studio Hutlihut Games to bring Void Crew, a thrilling space adventure where you explore, fight and loot through the galaxy with up to four teammates. Watch how much teamwork is… successful (well sometimes not), but is key, in the Reveal Trailer.

The game will be released in 2023 and is available to wishlist on Steam. It will also bring a playable demo to PAX East 2023 from March 23–26.

In space, no one can hear you scream… 

…except your friends! Rally your crew, man your spaceship, and prepare for an epic adventure. Battle fearsome foes, salvage valuable loot, die repeatedly - while reclaiming humanity's lost territory together.

In Void Crew, humanity unites against a mysterious aggressor - the Hollow. As the chosen ones, it’s up to you as a crew of up to 4 mavericks to brave the void and bring order to the galaxy!

Embark on the most advanced spacecrafts ever built, and journey into deep space on thrilling missions that you and your crew absolutely never trained for! Asteroid storms, solar flares and your buddies’ screw-ups will be the least of your worries, as hostile aliens, and desperate human  scavengers push your crew to their limits.Teamwork is key: pick a role and prioritize your most urgent tasks with your crew... or try to do everything at once and just wing it as you’ll be short on reliable manpower!

Play a demo at PAX East

Void Crew will be present at PAX East 2023 (March 23–26) with a playable demo at the Focus Entertainment booth. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the immersive, coop-oriented space experience first-hand!

Void Crew will be released later this year and you can add it now in your wishlist on Steam. Sign up as a Focus member or subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest exclusive info and upcoming special offers for Void Crew and the whole Focus catalog.

About Hutlihut Games

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Hutlihut Games is a new studio that joins the forces of inventive industry veterans. Their combined experience includes acclaimed titles in diverse genres, such as Deep Rock Galactic, Path of Exile, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Inside and Rise of the Tomb Raider. The team’s mission: to build captivating co-op games that bring people together.

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