14 February 2023 / Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart: Skip school and let Jensen Ackles fast-track you to the dangerously close release of the game

The release of Atomic Heart, the hotly anticipated action-RPG set in the mad utopia of a fictional 1955 USSR, is finally within sight! Focus Entertainment and Mundfish celebrate the final stage of the countdown with a new video starring The Boys and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles. A week ahead of its February 21 launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, it isn’t too late to pre-order the game. Join Jensen Ackles in bringing your A game for the most Atomic release of 2023!

Nothing beats the power of a punch—when you put your atomic heart into it!

Such an explosive release doesn’t land every day. Luckily, today’s video gets you in shape to survive the robot apocalypse, with Jensen Ackles’ accelerated course on blasting robots with deadly efficiency. Spoilers: in a world of technological nightmare, no magic trick will save you. There is only one way: the Atomic Way. So supercharge your AI-augmented punch and prepare for a far-from-bewitching, frenzied intrigue and not-so-enchanting, nerve-racking encounters.

You’ll explore the twisted utopia of an alternative 1955 Soviet Union, evolve your playstyle and grow a cutting-edge arsenal by taking on spectacular and unforgiving combat against killer robots, unsightly mutants, and bloodthirsty machines that roam the land of Facility 3826.

Atomic Heart releases February 21 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Four editions are available forpre-order: Limited (base game + physical items), Standard (base game), Gold (base game + Atomic Pass) and Premium (base game + Atomic Pass + digital artbook).Sign up as a Focus member to get latest info and upcoming exclusive offers for Atomic Heart and the whole Focus catalog.

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