An editorial policy that stands out

Focus’ editorial policy stands out thanks to innovative concepts. We focus on memorable artistic direction, new trends and unique gameplay, and on developing as-yet-unrealized concepts which deserve to be shared with players around the world.

We look for and work with studios with high-quality, unique titles.

Integrated studios or developer partners

We receive hundreds of project submissions every year, with the aim of finding creative, innovative, passionate partners with whom we can build long-term relationships based on transparency, trust, and commitment to quality.

Whether publishing, financing, distributing, collaborating or porting, the nature of a partnership with Focus is based on shared vision and values. The greatest games are the result of true collaboration.

Transforming niche concepts into worlwide successes

Our catalogue is both genre and trend agnostic.

Instead of looking for specific types of games to feed our catalogue, we look for titles supported by the unique creative vision of talented developers.

We consistently transform niche concepts into worldwide successes, while remaining independent of market trends. Our standards are based upon quality and originality.