Our integrated studios

We aim to integrate talents and studios with singular visions in our strong and ambitious Group, to promote value creation, secure IPs and design 360-degree strategies for our brands. We assist our partners during the development process and support their creative vision.

Deck13 Interactive

Deck13 Interactive is a leading German game development studio and long-time partner of Focus. With studios in Germany and Canada, Deck13 employs a team of 60 highly skilled team members and has developed over 20 games in the past 18 years, including major successes such as Lords of the Fallen.

Deck13 has already produced major titles with Focus, such as the franchise The Surge, and is currently developing a new, ambitious and spectacular game that will release on next-gen consoles and PC. Under their Spotlight label, Deck13 has also published several indie gems, including acclaimed action-RPG CrossCode.

Streum On

Streum On, with a team of around twenty talented employees, has been a specialist in shooting games since its creation in 2007, and is the owner of the E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy license, which immediately enthralled players when it was launched.

Streum On Studio developed the iconic game Space Hulk: Deathwing for Focus, which has sold nearly one million copies to date. The studio recently developed Necromunda: Hired Gun, a spectacular action game based on one of the flagship licenses of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Dotemu is a world leader in retrogaming, has already developed and republished legendary franchises such as Final Fantasy, Another World, Double Dragon and, most recently Street of Rage, which has been played by over 2.5 million people worldwide.

Dotemu develops games in-house via its development team, with titles such as Ys Origin, Heroes of Might and Magic III HD and the highly anticipated Windjammers 2. Dotemu continues publishing and producing unique titles with strong commercial potential, driven by cult video game and pop culture licenses such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Metal Slug Tactics.

Douze Dixièmes

Douze Dixièmes is a studio made up of passionate creators from both the animation and video game industries. The meeting of these two worlds brought the game Shady Part of Me, a unique project published by Focus.

The game, with its captivating artistic direction and deep, moving narrative, received a vibrant critical reception from the press and players across the world.

Leikir Studio

Leikir Studio has already produced and developed several PC and console titles acclaimed by the press and players. Made up of a team of around twenty talents, Leikir Studio is currently working on the game Metal Slug Tactics, an extremely promising title based on the legendary license from the Japanese publisher SNK.

In addition to its ability to produce quality titles with unique gameplay, Leikir Studio also has significant technical know-how. As a multi-production studio, Leikir develops games in stylized 3D, pixel art and 2D.

BlackMill Games

BlackMill Games brings history to life in video games. Every project is carefully researched to provide authentic details combined with compelling gameplay within a historical setting.

CEO Jos Hoebe founded the WW1 Game Series with former partner M2H almost a decade ago and officially released authentic squad-based WW1 FPS game Verdun in 2015.