11 May 2021 / SnowRunner

SnowRunner - Season 4: New Frontiers releases on May 18th - watch the Season Four Overview trailer to discover the new and massive Amur Oblast region!

SnowRunner, the block-buster ultimate off-road driving experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, is expanding once again with Season 4: New Frontiers. Available to all Season Pass and Premium Edition owners, this season adds the enormous Russian Amur Oblast region, challenging players to complete dozens of intricate missions across four new maps. Two new vehicles have been added, along with new vehicle skins and hood ornaments to drive in style. The accompanying free update also brings fresh content for all players in the form of new trials and much more. Watch today’s Overview Trailer for a full breakdown of the new content, and get ready to conquer Amur Oblast, beginning May 18th on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC including Steam and Windows Store.

Rebuild a rocket launch site in the series’ most treacherous region yet

New Frontiers will take you to Amur Oblast, Russia and provide 12 square kilometers of rugged Russian wilderness to explore across four new maps. Your objective is to rehabilitate an old and abandoned rocket launch site on behalf of a private rocket company looking to reach the stars. This means fixing roads, repairing fuel lines, constructing housing for the team, and building up mission control before delivering the assembled rocket to the launchpad. To assist you in your mission, the mighty ZiKZ 605-R and the rugged Khan 317 Sentinel scout vehicle will also make their debut next week.

The Phase 4 update will also include a number of exclusive customization items for Season Pass and Premium Edition owners, as well as free items for all SnowRunner players. This includes new hood ornaments and new Trials to take on. As always, all players are invited to download from the ever-expanding selection of community-made mods on both console and PC to further enhance their SnowRunner experience.


New Frontiers marks a great year of additional SnowRunner content

With the release of New Frontiers into the wild, SnowRunner’s total size has been effectively doubled since the first phase of the Season Pass. More than 2 millions players have been charting their own routes and over 30 million mods have been downloaded! 


Season 4: New Frontiers releases on May 18th as part of the Season Pass. SnowRunner is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store and arrives on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Windows Store on May 18th. The Premium Edition of the game includes both the base game and Season Pass. For more information, check out the official store.

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