13 May 2020 / SnowRunner

SnowRunner: modders are already bringing fantastic community content to the game!

SnowRunner launched to rave reviews and great player reception, and the PC version of the game is already getting richer with the addition of mods - with mod support on consoles coming later. The official partnership with mod.io is in full swing, and you can already download dozens of mods created by eager community members to enhance your game with new vehicles, harder and more realistic driving, system changes, crazy (and unexpected) creations - and much more besides. Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive are delighted with the offering so far, and excited to see more in the future. Check out this new video to see how to get mods working on your setup.

Maps, missions and interiors will also be moddable soon

Modding will continue to expand. Free updates to the tools available will arrive in the first phase of content updates, allowing for maps, missions, and vehicle interiors to be modded. Plus, we’ll be launching and supporting mods on consoles in the future, allowing players on every platform to enrich their experience however they like.

SnowRunner is the premier off-road trucking simulation game. The Season Pass is also available to purchase now, promising a full year of content updates with new vehicles, maps, missions, and much, much more.

SnowRunner is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! Visit the official shop to get the game or snowrunner.mod.io for mods!

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