13 January 2016 / Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Shiness unveils its playable characters with new screenshots

Shiness is a new Action RPG developed by indie development studio Enigami. Travel through an enchanting yet hostile world where the lands of Mahera have become fragmented. The new series of screenshots unveiled today will tell you more about the game's playable characters.

You play as Chado, a young Waki eager for adventures who masters the Earth element, and his sidekick Poky, a talented handyman . You’ll soon meet the wise Kayenne, who can use the power of the Wind, the hot-headed Askel armed with his Rose Whip, and the enigmatic Rosalya, protected by a mysterious power.

Their skills will be particularly useful in the hyper-dynamic 1 versus 1 battles, combining magic spells with classic fighting game mechanics. During these duels, your companions and those of your foes can intervene to replace the lead fighter, or help them when required. Task your teammates with healing you when your health is down or to cast a spell to boost your strength at the start of every fight, and wisely use the Elemental affinities of each characters to weaken your enemies.

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