14 December 2021

Meet Roy Jamhouri, Creative Producer

Could you please introduce yourself ?

Hello, I’m Roy Jamhouri, Creative Producer on the Editorial Team. I arrived in 2021.

What are your responsibilities as Creative Producer at Focus Entertainment?

A Creative Producer is an in-house creative consultant with expertise in gaming. My job is to assist the studios who work with us to achieve their creative vision, and then translate that into the official communication about the game, from announcement to live ops and all the trailers in between.

The most important part of my job is establishing what we call the creative guidelines of any game we sign: What makes the game unique, what are its key strengths and potential threats? This master document is then used to keep the studio’s creative vision in check as well as orchestrate all the communication and marketing of the game later.

Finally, ‘expertise’ in gaming is not an acquired skill but something we constantly keep up by playing as much as we can and staying on top of industry trends.

For you, what are the qualities of a good Creative Producer?

As the job title says, you need to be a creative who can bring ideas to the table, strengthen or tweak concepts, and a producer who is great at communicating, making things happen and coordinating between the many departments involved in the making and publishing of our games.

Have you always wanted to work in the games industry?

I have 10 years of experience in the filmmaking industry in the Middle East, working as a producer, director, writer, and editor. I was always passionate about gaming and eager to work in that field. Being cast in the Creative Producer role at a publisher like Focus is a fantastic way for me to translate many of my skills to the gaming industry and have as much impact as possible without the technical limitation of knowing nothing about programming.

What advice would you give someone who has recently joined the industry?

Be passionate about games, the ultimate art form 😊!

What’s your favourite memory at Focus so far?

I would still say that considering my professional background, Focus trusting me and offering me the position is my best memory to date!