3 September 2015

Focus Home Interactive publisher week-end on Steam starts today!

Up to 80% off the entire catalog on Steam until September 7

Focus Home Interactive games get exceptional discounts Steam this week-end, with players able to enjoy up to 80% off the entire game catalog. Everyone will find titles they enjoy, as Focus Home Interactive offers a wide catalog of games from all genres – either renowned best-sellers or original indie games praised by players and press alike!

Fans of strategy games will enjoy titles from RTS veterans Eugen Systems such as the bestelling Wargame series, or the freshly released Act of Aggression, available since yesterday. Warhammer addicts will be happy to find games from Games Workshop boardgames and tabletop games adaptations such as Blood Bowl or Mordheim: City of the Damned, offering a healthy dose of tactics and violence. RPG lovers will be pleased to put their hands on titles offering immersive experience in very different and deep universes, with games such as Game of Thrones, Bound by Flame, Of Orcs and Men, and Mars War Logs. Simulation games are also represented in this varied catalog with the sandbox phenomenon Farming Simulator. Meanwhile, players adept of infiltration will find a unique experience with the sneaky Styx: Master of Shadows. If you’re more into great adventures games, the Sherlock Holmes and Runaway series will provide hours of intricate, twist-filled plots packed with a unique realization. Indie titles also get a place of choice in the catalog with successful titles such as the addictive Space Run, the frenetic Pix the Cat, the gorgeous Contrast and the sci-fi RTS Etherium.

There are many other titles to discover or re-discover in the Focus Home Interactive catalog, all with exceptional discount during the Steam Publisher Week End from September 3 to 7. Pick the titles you love with discounts up to 80% off, get the Focus Selection Pack, offering a… selection of 21 titles at the crazy price of 29,99$!