22 October 2021

Focus Home Interactive announces acquisition of development studio Douze Dixièmes

FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE today announces the acquisition of Douze Dixièmes, a partner studio of Focus made up of passionate creators from both the animation and video game industries. The meeting of these two worlds brought a unique, Focus-published title to life: Shady Part of Me. The game’s bewitching artistic direction and deep, heartfelt narrative received a resoundingly positive critical reception from press and players across the world.

"It is a real pleasure to welcome Douze Dixièmes to the Focus family," said Christophe Nobileau, President of Focus Home Interactive. “The studio has already demonstrated its creative ability with Shady Part of Me, and we are delighted that the Douze Dixièmes team is joining our federation of talents. This acquisition once again demonstrates our ambition to create a strong Group, but also illustrates Focus's desire to support the French video game scene, a major focus of our editorial strategy.

It is with great excitement and pride that we join Focus Home Interactive today,” said George Herrmann, Co-Founder and Chairman of Douze Dixièmes. “Our collaboration on Shady Part of Me convinced us of the expertise of the teams and the great human wealth of Focus. It is full of ideas and with the conviction that we can achieve our vision that we join this growing Group. There is no doubt for Douze Dixièmes that the synergies with the other studios of our new family will bring strength and relevance to our projects, while preserving our quest for engaging visual and narrative experiences."