12 October 2020

Focus Home Interactive and Douze-Dixièmes announce new partnership for upcoming indie title

Focus Home Interactive are delighted to introduce Douze-Dixièmes as the latest of its partner studios. Based in Paris, France, Douze Dixièmes is a passionate independent studio formed by seven people from a range of creative backgrounds. From animation to video games, this powerful cooperation of talents aims to create unique, touching, and meaningful gaming experiences where narration meets art to deliver truly memorable journeys.

"As a young studio we are very proud to enter a partnership with Focus!” announced George Herrmann, President and Co-founder of indie studio Douze-Dixièmes. "Every step of the way has proven their dedication to creativity even if it brings the need for innovation. As a team at Douze-Dixièmes, our core value resides in the freedom to explore new visuals and narratives. This is precisely what we found with Focus.”

Supporting the French indie game development scene has long been a part of the Focus DNA, and is an important aspect of our strategy. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce this new partnership,” declared John Bert, COO at Focus Home Interactive. “It was immediately apparent that the Douze-Dixièmes team shares our values, and we are more than excited to start a new adventure with such a talented team.”