16 July 2020 / Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods shows off The Serpent's Catacombs and its next updates in new screenshots

After expanding its Early Access content with the major Serpent’s Catacombs update, Curse of the Dead Gods now offers new insights into the depths of its Temple. The rogue-lite from Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive today shows off a new set of screenshotsshowcasingthe poisoned atmosphere and fresh dangers that await you in this unprecedented environment, where greed will lead you to your doom. However, in Curse of the Dead Gods, death does not mean the end. Return to life again and again, delving deep into the catacombs to defeat hordes of cursed deities lurking in the shadows of a labyrinthine temple.

A wave of updates to come

Since its launch in Early Access, Curse of the Dead Gods has been regularly enriched with new content. Passtech Games are working hard to offer new game modes, improvements and features over the coming months, as well as the highly-anticipated third new environment. Discover more details in the roadmap below.

Curse of the Dead Gods is available in Early Access Steam on PC and will soon be available on consoles.

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