12 September 2022

Acquisition of Dutch studio WW1 Game Series B.V., developer of the multiplayer FPS games Verdun, Tannenberg and Isonzo

Focus Entertainment is very pleased to announce the agreement for the acquisition of M2H's majority stake in WW1 Game Series B.V.

Jos Hoebe (BlackMill Games), WW1 Game Series' Founder and Creative Director will own the remaining 33,33% stake and will continue to run the studio. The studio will proceed solely as BlackMill Games B.V.

Based in the Netherlands and composed of 15 passionate creators, WW1 Game Series becomes the 6th development studio to join the Focus group.

WW1 Game Series throws players into intense warfare inspired by the chaos and fury of iconic battles from the First World War. After Verdun in 2015, then Tannenberg in 2017, the million-seller franchise will be enriched by Isonzo’s release on September 13th, 2022, on PC and consoles.

WW1 FPS Isonzo is the third game in WW1 Game Series, this time set on the Italian Front.  Players will experience mountain warfare during the First World War as Italy clashes with the Austro-Hungarian Empire! A new Offensive game mode with multi-map battles offers a novel experience for fresh recruits and returning veterans alike!            


This acquisition constitutes a great addition to Focus Entertainment portfolio and its federation of talents. The studio has already shown strong DNA and identity, and has proven to be expert on delivering immersive, authentic, and realistic multiplayer FPS experiences with its WW1 Game Series - one of the references of First World War shooters. We’re looking forward to working with Jos and his team, and to continue delivering new unique experiences.”

declares Christophe Nobileau, CEO of Focus Entertainment


"I’m proud and excited for the upcoming launch of Isonzo, and by teaming up with Focus Entertainment, which is a larger and more experienced partner, and will help the series to reach its full potential. WW1 Games Series will undoubtedly benefit from Focus’s track record on FPS genre. The fans of our games can expect the same dedication and passion that we have delivered the past ten years with Verdun and Tannenberg but elevated to new heights with Isonzo and this partnership.”

Jos Hoebe, CEO of BlackMill Games


"It’s an exciting time with this acquisition, the Isonzo launch and on top of that the opportunity to begin full focus on our new adventure with M2H. We know the WW1 Game Series is in the capable hands of Jos and Focus Entertainment and believe that together they can make the series bigger than ever. While we’re eager to start to work on an exciting new project, we will make sure to hand over our knowledge and expertise in the coming year so that there is a smooth transition. We’re looking forward to seeing where the new owners will bring the WW1 Game Series."

Matt Hergaarden of M2H.


This acquisition is expected to be slightly accretive in the 2022/2023 fiscal year.