Warfare on Necromunda


Necromunda welcomes you!

Welcome to the hive cities of Necromunda - a near-endless sprawl of humanity and industry. The Underhive is a near-lawless place, gang warfare and house loyalty being the order of the day. Into this chaos come the three houses of Underhive Wars: Escher, Orlock, and Goliath, all fighting for weapons, resources, food.

Lead and customize

Lead and customize your gang

Your gang in Necromunda: Underhive Wars is fully customizable - you decide who is in it, what their specialities are, the weapons they equip, and how they look. There are passive, active, gang, veterancy, and many more skills to choose from. Also pick from dozens of armour designs, piercings, tattoos, and much more as you craft the best gang in the Underhive.

Get up close

Get up close and personal!

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is not your standard tactical-RPG game. Nothing is locked to a grid in Underhive Wars, giving you free movement. Verticality is also a huge part of the game - levels are huge, spacious, and decorated with all manner of tricks and traps to exploit. Sabotage the arena and place traps for your opponents - the opportunities are endless, and everything is legal in the Underhive.

Play your way

Play your way!

Necromunda: Underhive Wars offers a wide swathe of game modes to keep you entertained and coming back to the Underhive. The Story Mode campaign shows you the ropes while entertaining with a compelling story of gang rivalries on Necromunda. Operations is our endlessly replayable, gang-building mode where you recruit and battle with the best gang you can, managing persistent injuries and progression between battles. Multiplayer and skirmish modes are for freeplay vs. other players and the AI, using your Operations gang as a way to earn even greater rewards.

Gangs of the Underhive


Goliath logo
Goliath picture

Hulking masters of the forge, whose sprawling industries churn out countless weapons, ammunition and other goods. Goliaths value physical size and strength above all else. House Goliath values nothing higher than physical strength. Its subjects are known to be incredibly strong and tough, but often mentally unbalanced and extremely short-lived, preferring a brute-force approach to solve the challenges and conflicts of hive life.


Escher logo
Escher picture

A Matriarchal house boasting generations of pharmaceutical expertise, Eschers produce and supply the hive's other Clan Houses with all manner of drugs and stimms. House Escher is unique among the great Houses, for its gangs are entirely made up of women. Masters of pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation, they provide other houses with a range of exotic stimms, gene-enhancing elixirs and luxury drugs.


Orlock logo
Orlock picture

Orlocks are expert miners, who extract and refine the resources of ages past. They control and fiercely defend the vast transport networks between Necromunda's hive cities. House Orlock is known throughout Necromunda as the 'House of Iron', an industrial superpower fuelled by countless ore mines and a stranglehold monopoly of the convoys serving the ferrous slag-heaps that lie out in the barren and dangerous Ash Wastes.

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