The acclaimed team-based tactical FPS lands on consoles

Intense PVE coop gameplay

PvP objective-based fights

The acclaimed team-based tactical FPS lands on consoles

4 PvP and 3 PvE game modes

including the Survival horde mode

14 maps to fight on by daylight
or in night mode

Prepare for the fight of your life in a gritty, tactical team-based shooter. Death comes fast so the road to victory means becoming a key element to your team. Cooperate, move with speed and precision, carefully manage ammunition, and tactically navigate the environment with every step.

Feel every bullet and fear every impact while your push through war-torn environments thanks to the atmospheric sound design and immersive gameplay mechanics. Play in white-knuckle PVP matches or battle alongside your friends in objective-oriented co-operative modes.

Pick the role that best suits your playstyle and your team’s strategy: lay down fire support with the Gunner, utilize exotic weapons and tools with the Advisor, or call down fire support with the Commander and Observer classes. Further specialize by customizing your weapons and equipment loadout, and make your mark on the battlefield with an assortment of gear, clothing, and camouflage.


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