A federation of talents

We have built a strong and integrated Group where each entity and individual is instrumental to the accomplishment and success of our shared vision. We enjoy a motivating, dynamic work environment, in which colleagues can freely express their skills and ideas.

A passion for gaming,
a passion for creating

Although most of our teams have a deep passion for gaming, video games and the industry, we also welcome non-gamer talents who bring unique perspectives to the Group.

A commitment to quality

Our goal is to provide enriching and memorable experiences for players; from the initial conception of a video game to its commercialization, our teams are committed to uncompromising quality of the games and AAA services provided by Focus.

Dedicated to offering equal opportunities

We are convinced that strength comes from diversity. Our talents are from vastly different cultures, beliefs, and ideas. We look beyond CVs and career history, instead looking for people who will excel in helping the team achieve a common project.

Corporate social responsibility & sustainable development

Focus is committed to the environmental, social and societal issues of our time. Focus seeks to be a leading figure in the videogame industry in terms of commitment to the planet, colleagues, partners, and, of course, players.

Our first ESG report will be published in 2021 and will become the reference for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and continue as a responsible partner and employer.