Production services

Focus assists studios throughout the development cycle with its Content, Design, Line Production, Editorial, Release Management, and QA teams.

We grant creative freedom to our partner studios allowing them to fully focus on the prime objective of creating a unique video game experience. From conception to certification across all gaming platforms, our partners benefit from our high-end production services.

Communication and marketing

Focus internalizes all the services of a communication and marketing agency: Communication, Press Relations, Community & Influencer Management, Media Advertising, Trade Marketing, Graphics and Video Production, and Web Design.

With Focus, each title receives specific attention and tailor-made communication plans, designed by marketing professionals who are players above all. Our operational and creative teams together devise community-friendly communications telling a compelling story, respectful of players.


Focus benefits from a global network of partners giving worldwide exposure to titles in its catalog.

Each title within the Focus catalog benefits from the expertise of our commercial team, which distributes our games on all platforms in every country around the world. Whether on consoles, PC or mobile, in physical or digital stores, through download or streaming, Focus is committed to giving each of its titles full visibility.