Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator

Date de sortie: A venir Genre: Simulation, Gestion
Développeur: Two Horizons Editeur: Focus Entertainment
Plateforme: PC

Unleash your creativity and design the Hotel of your dreams! Embark on a makeover journey and turn a worn-out Hotel into a trendy getaway. Create a place that smacks the golden age, design rooms, manage and invest in new amenities. Get that 5-star review!

  • Let’s Renovate! It’s up to you how you want to design the place. Modern, retro, cozy or even funky, each decision will influence who comes to your Hotel.

  • Express your style! Buy furniture or restore old pieces. Choose from a wide variety of appliances, lights, curtains, rugs, painting, materials, and colors to decorate the rooms in your style. The higher standard you maintain, the more money you can earn.

  • Invest and manage! Invest in the amenities and attractions at your Hotel. Raise the standards and become the best place to stay in town. Make sure you get 5-star reviews from each of them.

  • Get the 5-Star Reviews! Each of your guests has something special and can leave a review. Meet their needs, clean up the rooms and make repairs to damage left behind to keep the high standard.

  • Share your awesome designs! You are a great designer - share your best creations with the community and get tons of creative ideas from other renovators. Let the world discover your unique style!

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